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MedStar for pulmonary diseases

People who suffer from lung disease can perform most of the necessary medical examinations and report their health condition remotely. Therefore, distant and frequent medical visits can be substituted by remote medical supervision which allows patients to receive more systematic and effective treatment. Remote patient supervision also increases patients participation in treatment because it gives them the tool and the knowledge necessary to control their condition.

MedStar offer

Set of devices
Integrated set of devices for pulmonary disease patient.
Calendar for treatment planning and visits scheduling.
Remote communication and video consultation options.
Decision tree
Decision tree which allows patients to self-diagnose.


For Patients

  • possibility of every day measures (including FEV and PEF),
  • easy way of sharing health test results performed at home with a doctor,
  • fewer visits to medical facilities,
  • higher self-control and more independent treatment,
  • possibility of constant supervision by medical staff,
  • systematize disease control,
  • flexible and patient-oriented treatment

For Medical Personnel

  • easy (even mobile) access to complete medical record history and medical measurements database,
  • better control of patients’ current health condition,
  • increased number of potential patients living in distant areas,
  • reduced number of home visits,
  • receiving emergency alarms,
  • building treatment scenarios,
  • experimenting with the most effective way of treatment

For Medical Facility

  • reduced on-call time
  • reduced mortality rate
  • minimized necessity of medical transport
  • fewer home visits
  • fewer hospitalizations
  • fewer emergency admissions
  • tele-education of doctors
  • better choice of adequate medical facility

Patient Story

A 38-year-old Mary suffers from asthma. This is one of the most common chronic diseases of our civilization. Due to the lack of treatment or as a result of leading an unhealthy lifestyle (mainly smoking) it leads to a rapid degradation of the lungs and worsening of the overall health condition. What’s more, difficulty to access medical specialists and limited knowledge have an immense negative impact on the patient’s treatment. Mary doesn’t smoke but she is an allergy sufferer that further increases the risk. The lack of public awareness and the overall negligence leads to many complications in the fight with the condition. However, Mary’s life is now easier and safer as her condition is under control due to the remote monitoring system.

Problems we solve

For Patients

  • medical care consumes too much time

For Medical Personnel

  • everyday monitoring of pulmonary patients is nearly impossible

For Medical Facility

  • too late treatment start causes serious complications
  • overall medical costs are growing
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