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Hospital visits are often a big challenge for patients. Their health condition or long distance between home and hospital make it difficult to have regular medical check-ups. Also, every time a patient leaves his environment, the risk of health complications and catching infections increases. For hospitals this translates into increased medical cost as the medical staff need to deal with unexpected complications and so their potentail is not effectively utilised.

MedStar offer

Video consultation
A video consultation with qualified medical staff.
Every day checkups
Possibility of every day checkups of vital health parameters (e. g. blood pressure or glucose level).
Easy access
Easier access to all test results gathered in one place.
Treatment plan
Treatment plan which contains recommendations from the doctor ( e. g. changing a dose of medication, running additional tests).


For Patients

  • fewer visits to  medical facilities
  • comfort of home health care
  • reduced risk of infections and health complications
  • easier access to health test results
  • easier contact with a doctor thanks to „ask for additional consultation” option

For Medical Personnel

  • better monitoring of the patient’s condition
  • constant contact with the patient
  • better access to patients who live in distant areas
  • the ability to work remotely
  • more flexible working hours

For Medical Facility

  • fewer hospitalizations
  • fewer home visits
  • fewer emergency admissions
  • possibility to take care of more patients at a time

Patient Story

George is a 46-year-old track driver. His immunity system is weakened by the medications he takes during chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is bonded with the feeling of fatigue and general weakness. That’s why visiting the hospital poses additional health risks. All these elements made chemotherapy treatment very stressful for George. However, he has reduced the number of hospital visits by 50% since he started to use remote patient monitoring.

Problems we solve

For Patients

  • hospital visits are often a big challenge

For Medical Personnel

  • compromise between often checkups and patients safety influenced by their weak immunity

For Medical Facility

  • unexpected health complications caused by patient weak immunity
  • overall medical costs are growing
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