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Serenity of elderly care

With the rise of life expectancy and lower birth rates, the ageing society is facing a big challenge – taking care of elderly people. It is estimated that by 2050 16% of the world’s population will be 65+ years old. Today the number stands at arund 8% (source: UN World Population Prospect 2008). That is why it is very important to deliver a user-friendly solution for elderly care which will allow older people to remain independent.

Remote health monitoring, easy access to health-related data for doctors and family members, longer independence

MedStar application offers a user-friendly telemedicine solution for elderly care. The mobile application allows for a remote control of the different conditions the elderly suffer from (diabetes, hypertension, asthma etc.). Thanks to the multi-user function the solution can be used efficiently not only at patients homes, but also in nursing homes.

MedStar offer

Regular monitoring of data
The application allows for regular monitoring of wellbeing (e.g. appetite level, headache or joints ache) and health data (e.g. glucose level, blood pressure, weight, pulse and saturation). Thanks to this a doctor or the nursing staff can constantly monitor all registered health tests results. This in turn helps to maintain the continuity of care.
Customised patient application
The MedStar application can be easily customised to cater for individual needs regardless of what the patient suffers from, be it diabetes, asthma, overweight or hypertension – our solution helps one to manage those conditions, as well. What’s more, there is no need to install any additional applications, the patient can gather all relevant data in one place.
Multi-user option
Our application has been designed not only for home use, but also for care in facilities such as nursing homes. The multi-user option allows one to manage health-related data of many users with only one mobile device (e.g. tablet).
Easy access to medical data for patients and family members
All data gathered by elderly person is automatically sent to a cloud-based web platform. However, it is the patient’s decision whether he wants to make it available to medical personnel only or also to his/her relatives. The possibility to monitor the patient’s condition leads to better care, faster threats detection, more accurate diagnosis, and fewer hospitalizations.


For Elderly Person

  • no need of taking handwritten notes about one’s health condition
  • easy way of sharing health test results performed at home with a doctor
  • fewer visits to medical facilities
  • a medical facility can constantly supervise one’s health condition

For Family

  • possibility to remotely take care of elderly parents
  • receiving alarm calls in case of medical emergencies or if a patient’s health condition worsens
  • remote identification of problems which an elderly person can encounter (e.g. no activity for a longer period of time)
  • easier access to objective health test results

For Medical Personnel

  • access to a complete medical record history and medical measurements’ database
  • better access to patients who live in distant areas
  • reduced number of home visits

Patient Story

A 78-year-old David has to monitor his health. What’s more, the medications he takes need to be taken at a strictly specified time. Unfortunately, David often forgets about taking his medications and monitoring his health. Additionally, the handwritten notes that contain information about his health often get lost or damaged. His family is not always close enough to help him follow his daily routine. As a result, David’s health condition has detorriated. Therefore, his daughter, Joanna, has decided to use remote monitoring to take care of her father and so David’s medical profile was attached to the professional telecare service.

Problems we solve

For Patients

  • forgetting a dose of medication or taking incorrect dose of medication can have negative consequences on one’s health

For Medical Personnel

  • lack of objective information about elderly parents’ health lead to additional stress and makes it difficult to organize one’s life

For Medical Facility

  • making the accurate diagnosis can be hard due to insufficient medical data ( e. g. lack of wellbeing information or procured medication)
  • overall medical costs are growing
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