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CardApp for heart failure prevention

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Heart failure is considered to be an epidemic which leads to over 4 million hospitalizations a year both in the USA and in Europe. More than 60% of them are preceded by patients’ bodies overhydration which has not been detected.

early diagnosis, preventive care,
no hospitalizations, procedures cost reduction

CardApp application allows for early diagnosis of overhydration and preventive care. A dedicated algorithm analyzes test results conducted at home using cheap devices that most patients already have such as pressure gauge, scales or pedometer. The results may be entered manually or automatically and are transferred into the system by medical devices via Bluetooth.

The most important thing in heart failure prevention is regularity. It helps the doctor draw conclusions that are based on reliable test results. Moreover, it gives an insight into one’s health condition and shows the relationship between lifestyle and heart condition.

Mobile application for patient
Mobile application for patient is designed to gather health data. Patients can enter the results of the tests they conduct at home into the device. There are four important variables we gather:

  • blood pressure
  • body weight
  • pulse
  • walking distance

Once data has been submitted, patients send it to the cloud based system. Our dedicated algorithm assesses risk level and notifies medical personnel in case of significant variations.

Risk changes notifications
Our system calculates the possibility of heart failure risk, for patients who have had a heart attack, a few days in advance. When the system changes patient risk group, the medical personnel is informed about the change. After the notification the cardiologist makes a decision how to interact with the patient. At this stage the cardiologist is the most important player in the process. We suggest the risk group change but we do not inform patients automatically. This is the doctor’s role and we only support it by advanced early prediction.
Cloud platform for medical staff
All patients records are available for cardiologists on a cloud platform. As a doctor you can follow your patients test results on a user-friendly timeline. Whenever new data is provided by a patient, the CardApp algorithm estimates the current condition of a patient and the risk level associated with the short- and long-term body changes that can lead to overhydration and serious heart failure. Medical professionals are informed in case of any sudden changes and life threatening states. On the web-based platform they can analyze details of patients’ state and all recent tests results.
Dedicated algorithm to predict heart failure
Correlation and trends analysis of gathered data predict the sudden life-threating situations that might occur. That forces the patient to seek immediate assistance to avoid hospitalization that is combined with costly treatment at highly specialized cardiology departments.


For Health Insurance

  • lower costs of heart failure procedures
  • higher profitability and net profit increase
  • faster detection of the disease and easier treatment

For Medical Personnel

  • decreased number of hospitalizations
  • lower cardiac patients’ mortality rate
  • improved access to patients who live in distant areas
  • better diagnosis thanks to comprehensive and objective test results

For Patients

  • early detection of serious heart failures
  • avoiding dangerous hospitalizations by providing patients with user-firendly and wireless system for early diagnosis and preventive care
  • increased sense of security

Patient Story

A 56-year-old Michael has had a heart attack and therefore was aware of the heart failure risk he was at. He knew he had to monitor his heart condition every day. Today his treatment process requires regular blood pressure measurements, weight, pulse, and walking distance control. Daily monitoring is crucial for his safety. Last week his cardiologist was warned by early detection CardApp system. Michael’s health parameters have changed and the special algorithm also changed his risk group from green to yellow. One quick medical visit, one pill, and two days later his status turned green again. His doctor told him that had he reacted three to four days later he could have suffered from a serious heart failure. Yet Michael avoided it because the system warned his cardiologist on time. Today he can not only look at his health test results history but he can even analyze the changes in his body reaction to the treatment.

Problems we solve

For Medical Facility

  • medical insurance covers all expenses which are contracted
  • contracted procedures cannot be eliminated but their number can be reduced to optimize insurance portfolio cost

For Medical Personnel

  • cardiologists could save more human lives with better prevention and early prediction systems

For Patients

  • heart failure essence is the high mortality rate that reaches several percent per year
  • the estimated 5-year mortality rate is approaching 50%, which exceeds mortality rate of most cancers
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