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Efficient Mobile Solution for Health Service

Ready-to-use tablet with medical sensors connected to central monitoring service


Women will have better control over their pregnancy and the health of the unborn baby by daily, home monitoring of the symptoms, and the possibility to independently perform some basic measurements. The doctor will have direct access to the obtained results that will further strengthen the feeling of safety and comfort during pregnancy.

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Heart Failure

Heart failure is considered to be an epidemic which leads to over 4 million hospitalizations a year both in the USA and in Europe. More than 60% of them are preceded by patients’ bodies overhydration which has not been detected.

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Elderly health care

The results obtained from regularly conducted health examinations of the elderly patients can be saved in one place and easily available for those who look after them. As all results are saved automatically, there is no need to take handwritten notes.

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Pulmonary Diseases

Those who suffer from lung diseases can independently perform most of the necessary medical examinations. Therefore, the condition of their health can be monitored and reported remotely. As a result, frequent and distant medical visits can be substituted with remote medical monitoring which provides patients with more systematic and effective treatment.  As remote treatment provides the knowledge and appropriate tools needed to control one’s condition, it also increases the patient’s overall involvement in the treatment.

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Preoperative Rehabilitation

Patients are provided with a pulmonary calendar to keep track of their exercise plans. The calendar is also available for the medical staff. Every time a patient skips the workout, it is registered. What’s more, the possibility of a video consultation enables a physiotherapist to monitor a patient’s workout.

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The results of regularly conducted important health tests (e.g. temperature, blood pressure, and pulse) performed by the patients are saved in one place. Thanks to this, both patients and doctors have easy access to all data at all times. In case of worsening of condition, patients can instantaneously contact the medical staff via video consultation.

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