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One day after the launch of the Medstar pilot programme at the John Paul II Hospital an interesting situation occurred. When the doctors arrived, three out of five patients involved in the programme had already independently used the Medstar application. What is more, all tests had been performed correctly. A few hours later, the fourth and fifth patient joined in. At this stage, the doctors were able to use the Medsatr application, unlock its full potential, and see the key results that have been obtained.
The first day of the pilot programme was also a big day for us. We had some expectations but a whole day spent on oncology let us see the patients’ reaction to our application from another point of view. Only some of the patients have ever seen a touch screen device such as a tablet before and barely anybody has ever used one. It turned out that it was their very first contact with a mobile application. Nevertheless, with time they have gained confidence and trust which is so important.
Vision and Mission
Create a simple mobile health service to provide the patients with better medicare and the doctors with more free time.
Our Philosophy
Listen to patients and doctors. Make it simple. Work closely with partners.
Services we offer
Remote Patient Monitoring for hospitals and doctors.
Our Commitments
For us making it better means listening to the voice of our customers in everyday work.

What Others Say About Us

  • We believe that this solution can help us monitor patinents and the whole process of the therapy will be safer and generally better.

    Grzegorz Czyzewicz
    Grzegorz CzyzewiczJohn Paul II Hospital
  • There is the strong feeling that there is room for improvement and that some re-admissions to hospital could be avoided. Also some people have to travel for 1 hour or so and some of the diagnostic sessions could be virtualized.

    The FI-STAR blog
    The FI-STAR blogFI-STAR
  • I hope we can control patients during the time they are preparing themselves to surgery and after that they gonna have good results of the rehabilitation.

    Marcin Janczura
    Marcin JanczuraJohn Paul II Hospital

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