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MamaZone for pregnancy monitoring

Pregnancy without risk

In 2014 almost 4 million children were born in the USA and 5,2 million in the EU. Pregnancy should always be seen as a paceful time of preparation for welcoming a new member into one’s family. Unfortunately, expectant mothers often experience the feelings of insecurity and stress. Nowadays, preterm and high-risk pregnancies make 5-10% of total number of pregnancies. However, according to research 90% of them could be avoided with expert care and monitoring (source: G Dangal. High-risk Pregnancy. The Internet Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics).


Continuous health monitoring, easier threats detection, comprehensive data delivered to doctor

MamaZone application has been created for pregnant women who want to better control their health during pregnancy. The application enables the patient to monitor her wellbeing parameters, control the course of pregnancy, and exchange data with a doctor or a midwife. All of this can be perfomed from a safe, home environment. What’s more, the proposed solution can be used with basic devices such as a scale, a blood pressure monitor, and a glucose meter. The premium version is additionally equipped with a CTG monitor.

Continuous data gathering enables medical personnel to make more accurate diagnosis earlier, provide better care and assistance. Therefore, MamaZone creates the sense of security and gives the patient more control over the course of her pregnancy.

MedStar offer

Mobile application for pregnant women
MamaZone application has been created to facilitate easier data gathering and sharing with medical personnel. The application allows to gather basic information about pregnant women and her unborn baby. Thanks to this, the pregnancy of expectant mothers is under better control. MamaZone gathers:

  • obstetric observation (e.g. number of contractions)
  • blood pressure
  • weight
  • glucose level
  • CTG measurements

Data is sent to a doctor or a midwife who then analyzes the results and, based on them, makes a decisions about the further course of pregnancy.

Obstetric observation
MamaZone allows the pregnant woman to keep her pregnancy-related information up-to-date and share them with the medical personnel. Thanks to this, basic data such as the number of contractions and the baby’s movements, skin changes, nausea, and other symptoms can be monitored.
Home CTG
MamaZone premium offers the possibility to use a wireless, mobile CTG device with Bluetooth that can be used at home.
Web platform for medical personnel
All data gathered by women is automatically sent to a cloud-based web platform dedicated for medical personnel – midwifes and doctors. There, they can track the condition of their patients and adjust the management of pregnancy course accordingly.


For Patients

  • better control over the course of pregnancy
  • a possibility to stay at home instead of staying at a hospital in high-risk pregnancy
  • avoiding unnecessary ‘travels’ from one doctor’s office to another and even hospital treatment
  • increased sense of security

For Medical Personnel

  • lower miscarriage rates
  • better access to patients living in distane areas
  • faster reaction in emergency situations
  • access to the patients’ health records 24/7 from any place

For Health Insurance

  • lower costs of home visits for pregnant women
  • lower costs of hospitalizations

Patient Story

Pregnancy is one of life’s miracles. Therefore, during this amazing time a woman should be occupied solely with positive thoughts about enlarging her family. Unfortunately, a 25-year-old Ann remembers her first pregnancy as a time filled with fear for her child and her own health. She spent a lot of time travelling from one doctor’s office to another in order to make sure that her unborn baby is healthy and safe. However, as travelling in Ann’s condition was not safe, she experienced constant feelings of fear for her child’s safety, stress, and insufficient healthcare.

Problems we solve

For Patients

  • Stress and uncertainty during pregnancy

For Medical Personnel

  • insufficient medical observation poses an increased health risk for both the mother and the baby
  • incomplete data due to the lack of information between visits

For medical insurances companies

  • growing costs of hospitalizations and home visits
  • increasing overall medical costs
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