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Last months and weeks were full of smart watch market updates. New devices and market forecasts are still showing up. In our opinion it is still very early stage of development of this market and the next two years will be decisive. Either list of key features and availability of applications will positively correlate with needs of various customer segments or a new, maybe even more intuitive device, will take the leadership. For last few weeks we have been testing our brand new Samsung Gear 2 neo from e‑health perspective and we have imagined how we can integrate such device with MedStar.

Key elements of how MedStar can be integrated into smart watch:

  • Reminders sound as a basic option. Staying at home, the smartphone is not always in your pocket. Watch is more often a wearable device which informs you about all incoming massages. In the same way every time you need to take a medicine – it can inform you about it.
  • Counting baby movements or tensions – in pregnancy monitoring scenario – also could be easily supported by smart watch. Pregnant woman can simply touch the device to mark such observations.
  • In chronic diseases, where you regularly fill in wellbeing questionnaire with MedStar in order to inform medical personnel about your state – the devices are already convenient enough to allow the patient to answer most questions not having to search for the tablet.

And this is just a beginning of a long list of possibilities. What is your opinion? How do you see usability and perspective of smart watches in e‑health market?



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