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Our new project, CardApp, was presented at eHealth Week in Riga. Why this event reminds us about Star Wars? As fans of Star Wars definitely we do not need any reminders and we have seen the force everywhere here in Riga at eHealth Week. However, one of the key success factors of Star Wars are people having both knowledge and imagination great enough to describe the future. To put their dreams into something that you can experience. Current eHealth trends show that the market of medical applications and devices is rapidly growing. Our friend Artur Olesch wrote interesting article about better health and quality of life with mHealth. There are a few such people nowadays speaking and writing about future of health. We have posted about 2014 trends ( but as most of others we focused there on technology. However, reading quite a lot about the healthcare in the future we discovered a different perspective of looking at eHealth trends. We are so pleased that an important part of those discussions is related to non-technological elements. Most of good writers and speakers emphasize the importance of organisational and communication aspects.

During eHealth Week we discussed with our FI-STAR colleagues ( how important the communication is – in order to build trust and confidence. Why? Because “getting things done in a flash has become the norm, except in medicine” [great book The Patient Will See You Now: The Future of Medicine is in Your Hands Hardcover – January 6, 2015 by Eric Topol M.D.]. We all, in eHealth community, have to address this issue properly at any opportunity.

This insight shows clearly that eHealth business is not about technology but about the way you talk to your customers. Of course technology excellence is a must be factor of your business. However, you need the force to keep your users and customers satisfied. We have separated users and customers because keeping them satisfied in eHealth is even more challenging than in other IT services. Here in eHealth industry your users are very often different group than your customers. You can even imagine a scenario where three target groups are involved – medical insurance company is paying, hospital and patients are using, both for different values and reasons. The good eHealth business is the one which can use the force to build trust between all parties involved and properly engage patients and hospitals. The great imagination is required to achieve that on innovative market. May the force be with you.

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