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We are the patients and today we face many healthcare problems. Nowadays, we suffer from more chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, hypertension or asthma than ever before. We are the millennials. What does it mean? More and more of us are born after 1980 and we spend a lot of time looking for the answers in the web. We tend to collect and analyse our data, but our doctors don’t use and often don’t know what to do with this huge amount of knowledge. We want to improve the patient-doctor relationship, but our doctors don’t give us access to data collected by them. We don’t have time to spend hours in the waiting room. We are a diverse group, but all we want is for somebody to take care of us.

The good news is that due to telemedicine we can get a more efficient treatment.

  • A very common solution is remote patient monitoring- it’s a technology that enables monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical settings. The medical personnel gains access to a complete history of medical record and medical measurements’ database, and you gain access to your medical data.
  • There are also other solutions that enable patients to perform medical tests on a regular basis in the comfort of their own home without the need to engage medical personnel (doctors receive those results in your EMR). You can also chat on-line with a doctor if you want to ask him something important but don’t have the time for an appointment. If you don’t like chats, but you want to quickly dispel your doubts, you can “teleconsultate” (it’s a Skype-like conversation). You don’t have to visit medical facilities that often, yet you health can be supervised.

You can ask yourself, does it work? The answer is yes. There are many studies which confirm the effectiveness of telemedicine.

  • According to the American Medical Association study, text messaging intervention to patients with coronary heart diseases produced significant reduction in cholesterol, blood pressure, and BMI. What’s more, the participants were also exercising more and smoking less.
  • The U.S. Department of Defence survey found that among patients who received continuous, targeted digital patient education: 73% reported taking better care of themselves, 84% said they take better care of their children, 80% noted an enhanced hospital connection, 77% said they feel more confident to manage their healthcare, and 76% said they feel better prepared for appointments.
  • The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery shows that those patients who, following total knee replacement surgery, received rehabilitation instructions via video teleconference had comparable outcomes to those patients who received in-person physical therapy.
  • Researchers from Mobile Health Institute in Diepenbeek demonstrate that with regards to the health status and the activity level of patients with cardiovascular conditions, remote intervention brought better results in aerobic capacity than in-person intervention.
    Episode of “Healthcare Triage” shows more details about American Medical Association study on patients with coronary heart disease.

The following episode of “Healthcare Triage” shows more details about American Medical Association study on patients with coronary heart disease.

Telemedicine brings new quality to healthcare. It provides more data than the traditional model of treatment and therefore improves the overall management of patients’ conditions. It shortens hospital stay, cuts the number of readmissions, and lowers the overall cost of healthcare. It’s a great option for those patients who  face unique challenges or are in positions that make it difficult to receive traditional care. You don’t have to spend hours waiting for a doctor’s appointment. What you need is an app that will connect you with your doctor. Telemedicine will give you the feeling of safety as wherever you are and whenever you don’t feel well, you can be sure that somebody will help you.


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