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It is quite obvious that nowadays we-the medical personnel face many different challenges. Lower numbers of doctors and nurses encounter many problems such as the aging of population or the ubiquity of chronic conditions. We rarely have time for ourselves  and because of that the professional burnout syndrome is very common within our group. We are under pressure from our patients, most of whom belong to the Millennial generation (people born between 1982 and  2004). Therefore, they are more likely to go on-line to search for healthcare information prior to reaching out to us and they rely on opinions found on the Internet. Additionally, more and more patients expect to have access to information about their treatment in an electronic form.


However, there is no need to worry because telemedicine opens new opportunities to all of us. Our Millennial patients feel at ease when we communicate with them via computers, mobile phones, tablets, and the Internet. Thanks to this, we can take advantage of our patients’ openness to new media.

  • Now we can make use of more additional information delivered by the patients. The wearable device market is growing and your patients can take the readings or measurements at home and send you the results on a daily basis using those devices that you have approved.
  • Telemedicine helps patients to prepare better for their appointments as now there is an app that enables it. For instance, your patient can complete a medical interview before the visit and simply show you the data he has collected. As a result, your patient is more engaged in and more aware of his treatment.
  • Telemedicine improves the doctor-patient relationship. You can connect with your patients using an application to provide them with the continuous and remote monitoring (patient-doctor and doctor patient data flow). Thanks to this, you are fully informed of your patients’ conditions also between their visits. What is more, this can also improve your image in the Millennials’ eyes who value the feeling of safety.


Many studies that have been conducted confirm the above and the effectiveness of telemedicine.

  • According to Partners Connected Health teens  “engagement” increased from   typical rate of 18% to 79%, after 12 months of telemedical intervention.
  • Cigna in its study proved that  80 % of people were more motivated to manage their health after using an activity tracker.
  • According to a recent Surescripts survey of 1,000 adults: 51% of patients who communicate with their doctor via email or text instead of just by phone said they don’t feel as rushed to ask questions, 46 % said they feel more comfortable asking their doctor questions via email or text instead of just by phone, 435 said that if they could text and email, they would contact their doctors more often. 70% of respondents found that doctors who use computers or tablets instead of paper during a visit are organized, 70% found these doctors efficient, 40% found them innovative and 33% found them competent. 68% of patients said they feel relief when their provider makes administration tasks, like appointment scheduling, digital, 65% of patients said they feel a sense of confidence and 55% feel comfort. When patients evaluate two comparable doctors, 51% would choose a doctor that let them fill out paperwork online before a visit, 48% would choose a doctor who provides online test results, 46% would choose a doctor who stores medical records digitally and 44% would choose a doctor that allows them to schedule appointments online.

The following Vigyanix’s infographic shows more details about doctor-patient relationship.


Telemedicine helps improve medical treatment, connects doctors with their patients, improves the patient-doctor relationship, and facilitates professional liaison in collaborative care with other medical specialists. Telemedicine is our future and a solution that meets the growing expectations of young people. Telemedicine can save your time by reducing the hours needed for every appointment without sacrificing the quality of your services. Telemedical solutions are effective and safe.


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