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Healthcare – one of the biggest industry in the world is going through some massive changes. Episode 1 of “The Day before tomorrow” shows the main trends in its development.

Digitalization of medical data, growing self-awareness of patients, using mobile devices for taking care of health – these are just few aspects of medical transformation. MedStar is in line with those trends. Our mobile application helps to keep the track of health and wellbeing. It brings patient centric model of healthcare based on better data access, analyzing and sharing your medical information with chosen specialists and family members. We fully agree with the words of Beverley Bryant:

“In healthcare just knowing more about what happened could have a huge impact on the way we manage our way services in the future”
(Beverley Bryant, NHS, England)

This is exactly the approach on which MedStar is built. We believe doctors can improve diagnosis and treatment a lot with more access to the already existing data. The key problem of medicine nowadays lies in data ownership and management. They are managed by different institutions, whereas they should be entirely owned by patient.

MedStar is already in the future!


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