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The e-health and telemedicine will never replace a physician. But they can make both patients’ and doctors’ lives much easier. New technology is  to provide homecare and facilitate on-line consultations with the healthcare professionals. The question arises, how to make the medical technology not only innovative, but also useful to the end-users?

Everyone who wonders about the benefits of the e-health should watch and listen to e-patient Dave:

In his TEDtalk he explains what it means to be an e-patient and what are the e-patient’s expectations from the modern medicine. He also discusses growing self-awareness of patients, creating a community among them as well as a need to gain knowledge about diseases.

E-patient means who?

What does “e” before “patient” stand for? It’s not only a person who is consciously using ICT in the healthcare. It is also a patient who wants to be:

  • Equipped with the skills to manage his/her own condition.
  • Engaged in taking care of his/her own health.
  • Empowered to have control over his/her own health.
  • Enabled to make choices that are respected by health professionals.
  • Equal, i.e., treated by physicians as a partner and actively involved in his/her own health care.

Priceless time with family

It is clear that patients prefer to spend their time among family, friends, and colleagues and not at hospitals. Using the e-health gives them such an opportunity, because a lot of medical tests performed so far in hospitals, now can be done at homes. Utilizing the e-health also means less visits at physicians’ offices and less time in queues. This is due to the fact that the face-to-face consultations can be replaced by video consultations. For patients, that means less stress and more time for relatives and friends.

Safe data management

One of the main reasons of an expended diagnosis time are problems with an access to patient’s disease history or a mess in the documents. Thanks to the e-health solutions, all data regarding patient’s present and past health state is located in one place. But the main concern with keeping virtual data is their safety. The top priority for hospitals, physicians, and software/hardware developers is to ensure maximum safety of patients personal information. Patients need to be sure that their personal data is well protected.

„Keep it Simple” and personalized

Patients expect easy solutions and clear information. Medical applications should be not only easy  and intuitive, but should also be useful and personalized. This will result in a better understanding of medical data. Patients will also use a personalized application more willingly than at present.

An e-patient is no longer an object of examination. He/She wants to be an active participant in his/her own treatment. Furthermore, very often he/she knows exactly what he/she expects from a physician and has requirements which have to be fulfilled by modern medicine. The e-health is facing up to those requirements.

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